Meet The Team

Like any successful organisation, Headway Oxfordshire recognises it is only as good as the team that run it. Some of our charity’s founding members have been working to improve the lives of those with brain injury for over 30 years. Due to the specialist nature of our work, we have been able to attract particularly highly experienced, skilled and motivated individuals to the team. Our dedicated staff and volunteers work alongside a supporting team of expert consultants and therapists to ensure that we provide the very highest quality of care to our clients.

Jamie Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Charlotte Carlisle

Operations Manager

Mandy Warwick

Lead ABI Navigator

Sharon Bond

ABI Navigator

Laura Harris-Steers

Welfare Rights and Benefits Officer

Laura Davidson

Marketing and Events Officer

Wendy Kirby

Administration Assistant

Geraldine Gaul

Brain Injury Buddy

Melanie Jackson

ARC Assistant

Kelly Thomas

ARC Assistant

Helen Coppock

ARC Assistant

Linda Pederson

ARC Volunteer

Consultant & Therapist Team