Respite Service

Our Activities and Rehabilitation Centre is located in Kennington, near Oxford.

The ARC is a positive, lively place to meet other people who understand what it is like to have a brain injury.  

We provide a range of activities and services that complement formal rehabilitation and encourage socialisation and peer support, so that your loved one can develop strategies to help them deal with their brain injury. They can share their experiences in an environment of understanding, with an emphasis on fun and moving at their own pace. 

As a carer, you can relax in the knowledge that your loved one is safe and well looked after during the day they spend with their peers, in the care of our team. Having time to yourself, away from your caring role, is essential for your own wellbeing. AT Headway Oxfordshire we understand this and encourage carers to take the opportunity to recharge their batteries whilst also giving their loved one a day of positive activity and social engagement.