Carer Support Groups and Courses

Run by Headway Oxfordshire’s Community Support Team, for many, our carer support and groups and carer courses are quite literally a lifeline.

Over our 30 years’ existence, we have developed a close and widespread group of clients, ex-clients, carers and supporters. Often, sharing the same experiences and finding many ways to relate has brought carers close together.

People attend the carer groups for a variety of reasons; some to talk to others who are going through similar experiences, to develop a better understanding of brain injury and how best they can help their loved one and others to gain information and advice.

Headway Oxfordshire can provide an empathetic and supportive community, and a fantastic environment to help your loved one rebuild their life.

If you have not been to a carer support group or carer course at Headway Oxfordshire before, please call our support team for registration on 01865 326263.

Call our team to find out upcoming carer groups and courses on 01865 326263.

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