Adjusting to Life After Brain Injury

Getting back into your “everyday life” after returning from hospital rehabilitation is often challenging and difficult to adjust to within your home, work and family life. We offer holistic and practical support to help you deal with the wide range of issues you may come across when rehabilitating after a brain injury. This can include advice and support to access benefits, community support as well as access to our Activities and Rehabilitation Centre.

Our Rehabilitation, Therapy and Activity service offers intensive support centred around your needs and different ways to help you improve your life. Our staff are all highly trained and experienced in working with people with brain injury. They know how to encourage and enable you to make positive changes that will help you to be more independent.  

For more information and advice, please contact 01865 326263 or email

We will work with you to identify your needs through a formal assessment and will develop a plan to enable you to make improvements in your life. We also offer a variety of group or 1-1 courses for carers such as memory, fatigue and information processing courses.