Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas is a specialist neurological and vestibular physiotherapist. Graduating from The University of East London in 1997 with a BSc hons in Physiotherapy, Emma specialised in neurological physiotherapy in the year 2000 and has worked in both NHS and private settings.

Emma says of her work: “I draw on a broad range of experiences and concepts in my clinical work to ensure that treatment is tailored to each individual and their goals. My philosophy is to help people to get back a sense of themselves, to work with people on what is meaningful to them”.

“I started working with Headway in 2017. I was so pleased to be able to work with such an important charity and to help people with brain injury begin to access regular exercise. We have a shared vision of long-term access to rehabilitation and exercise for those with brain injury and other neurological conditions. The partnership allows a seamless transition from physiotherapy to ongoing, lifelong exercise which is so important to maintain physical abilities and for mental health”.

To find out more, please visit:  www.ableneurophysio.co.uk.