Dr Giles Yeates


Dr Giles Yeates is a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Couples Therapist and Tai Chi instructor. He is Chair of the Thames Valley Brain Injury Forum and is a Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brookes University.

Dr Yeates has previously worked in world leading community brain injury services in the NHS and other organisations for over 20 years. His main areas of work have focused on emotions and relationships after brain injury – supporting survivors and those significant to them at home, in the workplace and in the community. As an academic Dr Yeates has been developing innovative therapies for survivors, including the use of tai chi to support mental and physical wellbeing following brain injury.

Dr Yeates now focuses on both his independent practice and in collaborating with third sector organisations to develop long-term forms of psychological support for survivors in the community – both at local levels and nationally.

Dr Yeates is excited to collaborate with Headway Oxfordshire to increase the dimensions of psychological, relationship and vocational support provided by this service. He provides both direct individual/couples/family support for survivors, and also supervises the wider team at Headway Oxfordshire to optimise their psychological skills within the excellent work that they provide.

You can find more information on his services, plus free resources for survivors, significant others and brain injury professionals at www.ripplingminds.com