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Sharon Bond


Sharon Bond ABI Navigator Sharon joined Headway Oxfordshire in September 2020, she has a BA in Early Years Education and her background is working in Special Schools. Sharon worked closely with a multi-disciplinary team that included Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists to support children and young adults with a range

Sharon Bond2021-07-27T10:38:53+01:00

Laura Davidson


Laura Davidson Marketing and Events Officer   Laura joined Headway Oxfordshire in 2021. She has a BA (hons) degree focused on Business and Promotion. Before joining Headway Oxfordshire, she has had direct experience working within the healthcare sector in General Practice as well as experience working in customer service, learning how to better understand people’s

Laura Davidson2021-07-20T13:01:53+01:00

Mandy Warick


Mandy Warick Lead ABI Navigator     Mandy has a background working across a wide range of health and support sectors. Having worked within the NHS environment for many years Mandy understands that being in hospital and the discharging home can be a daunting experience for not only individuals but for families and carers alike.

Mandy Warick2021-07-20T10:35:23+01:00

Jamie Miller


  Jamie Miller Chief Executive Officer   Jamie joined HWO in 2009. With a diverse background in a variety of commercial ventures, as well as a focussed career (since 2000) in education, health and social care, Jamie brings his wide-ranging experience to bear in the role of Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Jamie has overall responsibility

Jamie Miller2021-07-22T14:31:24+01:00

Katie McMahon


Katie McMahon ABI Navigator   Katie joined Headway Oxfordshire in 2020. She has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Psychology and a Masters of Science (MSc) focused in Health Psychology. Before joining the HWO Team, Katie had direct experience of working with mental health and substance misuse issues and has worked in prison settings

Katie McMahon2021-07-20T09:32:48+01:00

Activity and Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) Refurbishment


23 April 2021 - Exciting News! The work to update and improve the ARC has begun! The work includes improving the insulation of the building and installing glass patio doors at the back of the ARC leading to the garden. This work is required to update the building but will also greatly enhance the ARC

Activity and Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) Refurbishment2021-04-23T14:11:19+01:00

Dr Helen Kennerley


Dr Helen Kennerley Clinical Psychologist Consultant   Dr. Helen Kennerley is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and CBT therapist (NHS & MOD) and University Tutor (University of Oxford). She has specialised in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for most of her career.  She has written or co-authored several CBT texts including The ABC of CBT and An Introduction to CBT (both Sage

Dr Helen Kennerley2021-01-28T13:36:52+00:00

Professor Udo Kischka


Professor Udo Kischka Professional Neuro-rehabilitation Consultant & Brain Injury Expert by Experience Professor Udo Kischka  is a retired Consultant Neurologist in Neuro-rehabilitation (NHS) , Academic Visitor (University of Oxford) and Research Visiting Fellow (Oxford Brookes University). He has a long career in specialising in stroke neuro-rehabilitation in particular.  He has written many academic articles and

Professor Udo Kischka2021-01-28T13:33:22+00:00

Loueze Miller


Loueze Miller Specialist Exercise Therapist Loueze has a lengthy background working across a wide range of physical disciplines. Amongst other things, Loueze is a qualified therapist/teacher in: Dance, Aqua therapy, Kettle Bell, Massage, Yoga and neuro physical rehabilitation. Loueze has worked in a variety of settings and countries, gaining very wide ranging experience, including working

Loueze Miller2021-07-19T16:12:44+01:00


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