Brain Injury Awareness

Last year, 3,789 people in Oxfordshire were admitted to hospital with a brain injury.

The aim of Action for Brain Injury Week is to raise awareness of brain injury. This year, the theme is fatigue.

Headway Oxfordshire will be hosting a series of talks in school assemblies, hosting training in organisations and presentations around the county.

If you would like to book a school assembly, training or a presentation to help raise awareness of brain injury and encourage helmet safety, then please get in touch and email or call 01865 326263.

What you can do to help us to raise awareness of brain injury:

  • Tell your friends and family about brain injury

  • Post our brain injury awareness statistics on your social media

  • Share this video

  • Send us your story about your experience with brain injury

  • Join us on our team skydive on Saturday 18th May

  • Take part in a fundraising challenge

  • Write a blog about brain injury

  • Take part in Hats for Headway Day and print out this poster in A3 and put up in your home, work, school, college or university. (Remember, always ask permission to do so first!)

  • If you are an organisation, you can enquire about booking training for 30+ employees