About Us

Headway Oxfordshire is here to improve people’s lives post-brain injury and ensure that families and carers are better able to cope within their caring role.

Established in 1982, Headway Oxfordshire has over 30 years’ history of supporting those affected by acquired brain injury. We understand just how complex living with the condition can be and often how wide-ranging the effects are. This is why we provide individual initial assessments to tailor the support that we offer to meet your needs and aspirations.

Our Activity and Rehabilitation Centre in Kennington offers a range of activities such as Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Arts and Music Therapy and more to enhance socialisation and promote rehabilitation back into everyday community life.

We also offer community support across the whole of Oxfordshire to help those who live in remote areas or cannot access our centre or simply require further support at home.

We actively promote awareness of brain injury by offering training to professionals and by running awareness raising events within schools, colleges and universities.

Our Mission

Headway Oxfordshire aims to:

·         Provide support services to those affected by brain injury (including stroke and some other neurological conditions) across the county of Oxfordshire.

·         Advocate on behalf of those affected by brain injury in relation to local and national strategic initiatives.

·         Provide information on brain injury to those interested parties and promote awareness to the general community at large.

·         Raise funds in support of those affected by brain injury in Oxfordshire.

Our Vision

That everyone in Oxfordshire affected by a brain injury should receive prompt, adequate and personalised advice, information and practical support to assist rehabilitation, maximise recovery and independence.

Every Oxfordshire resident that acquires a brain injury (and/or their carer) will be made aware of our services and have access to our support.

Those affected by brain injury will be supported to adjust to a changed life, be as independent as possible and be able to cope (long term) with their condition.

Our Values

Our ethos will be open, positive and inclusive and will be built on values of respect, equality and fairness. We are committed to equal opportunities practice and ensure that our policies and procedures are not directly, or indirectly, discriminatory.

Accessibility – We will endeavour to provide support services to anyone affected by ABI in Oxfordshire, who is otherwise excluded from statutory service provision due to eligibility criteria.

Purposefulness – Our services will be meaningful and purposeful to meet the needs of those affected by ABI – i.e. they will supplement formal rehabilitation, increase health, wellbeing and independence.

Service User Centred – Service users will be key partners in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of our services and their personal journey through them.

Equality – Headway Oxfordshire will promote equality of those affected by ABI within the community and when engaged with our services. As an employer and service provider we will be inclusive regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, faith or disability and will provide training on equality and diversity as part of our training remit.

Quality – Headway Oxfordshire will ensure that our service provision is of a high quality and seeking to continually improve – in that we will (as a minimum) meet the Headway (UK) standards and contractual requirements associated with grant givers or contracting bodies.

Fairness – All service users and staff will be treated with respect and dignity. Their views will be listened too. Our complaints procedure will be clear and easily accessible. As an employer Headway Oxfordshire are committed to providing a supportive working environment and promoting the personal and professional development of our staff.

Our History


Our Origin

Headway Oxford is started by a small group of 10 people who would meet once a month to give talks, share experiences and support each other. Before this, no support is available in Oxford for those with brain injury or their carers.


Growing Up

Our group evolves into an official Headway group. It is based within the Rivermead Rehabilitation Centre. Patients are referred to us before their discharge by the resident social workers or occupational therapist.


Moving House

We moved to a new premise at 4 Bagley Wood Lane, Kennington, where we currently reside.


Reaching Out

We changed our name from Headway Oxford to Headway Oxfordshire, to reflect the geographical extent of our service provision. We now support over 450 individuals affected by brain injury every year and provide services five days a week.


Onsite Offices Built

It is important to be close to the services we provide at our Activity and Rehabilitation Centre. Therefore, we built four onsite wood cabin-style offices to blend into the natural wooden theme that we have here at our rehabilitation centre to promote wellbeing.


Sensory Rehabilitation Garden Project Re-launched

Morrisons PLC and Clothworkers kindly awarded Headway Oxfordshire funding to go towards building a Sensory Rehabilitation Garden. To design and build the Sensory Garden, Headway Oxfordshire has also partnered with Radley College, and will work with some of their students to create a space for service users to enjoy and retreat to. The garden will feature flower beds, herbs, a seating area and water features to enhance rehabilitation.

Just like many other charities, we rely on community fundraising to enable us to maintain the high level of care we provide to individuals, their families and carers. You can also view our events.

Another way to help us to support others is to make a donation.